# kobweb

David Herman

11/06/2023, 4:57 PM
🕸️ Latest Kobwebs v0.14.3 and v0.15.0 🕸️ Kobweb 0.14.3 extends the SVG APIs with all filter elements. If you're not aware, filter elements basically tweak an SVG graphic, and you can also pipeline them so the output of one feeds into another. Attached to this post is a cool effect achieved by mixing turbulence and displacement filters. Kobweb 0.15.0 is the same as 0.14.3 but targets Compose 1.5.10 and Kotlin 1.9.20. Aside: If you look at the latest Compose HTML release notes with 1.5.10 ( you'll see they advertise adding the SVG
property. Well, with Kobweb 0.14.3+, you can have that and so much more (you don't even need to use Kobweb, you could just use the
dependency and get access to a wide range of SVG elements in your Compose HTML project).