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Travis Griggs

11/07/2023, 8:39 PM
Many moons ago, when I wrote my first Kotlin project and Kotlin was still in the "good to use, but not the go to approved language for android", I built a little
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class UByteReadStream(internal val buffer: UByteArray)
It basically allows me to "next" through a ubytearray, check at end, decode varint sections, etc. Since then the, the Kotlin libraries have grown quite a bit. Is there a more built in/stock idiomatic thing to use to consume/take from an in memory ubytearray?


11/07/2023, 8:53 PM
and assuming Okio's existing Source/Buffer/Sink model works for you, of course there's Okio now

Travis Griggs

11/07/2023, 9:12 PM
my class is 74 lines long. don't really want to add big new dependencies for little things like this