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Sai Charan

11/08/2023, 5:38 PM
Before, I had coded an android app on my laptop, and when I built the APK file for the app, there were no issues with installing it on my phone. However, after resetting my laptop and reinstalling Android Studio, I have been facing a problem. Every time I build the APK file and try to install it on my phone, Google Play Protect doesn't recognize the app error is displayed. Any Solution?
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Frank Bouwens

11/09/2023, 9:15 AM
not kotlin but kotlin colored But maybe it has to do with the signing of the APK. When building an APK, it will be signed; With a release APK, this will be obvious, because you need to supply a signing key. But the APK will also be signed, even when it’s a debug-version. This will be done with the debug.keystore file, in your home folder. This debug.keystore file is generated automatically when first needed. When you re-install your PC, this debug.keystore file is lost, and re-generated. Trying to update (re-install) an app on your phone that was signed with a different key, will result in an error. Uninstalling the app from your phone, and doing a fresh install, should fix the issue.
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