# multiplatform

Jacob Ras

11/09/2023, 9:26 AM
Build is successful and the framework is generated in
. Framework Search Path and Other Linker Flags are configured like in the docs (copied from there). Kotlin 1.9.20, XCode 15.0.1, Gradle 8.4. Any idea? Error (for others searching this later:
No such file or directory: ' -framework shared'
. Edit: fixed! Details in thread.
My [shared] module just exposes [domain] and contains no code, so at first it didn't generate the framework at all. I then added a
class so it does generate the framework but the error shown above pops up.
This looks suspicious
Fixed! 🎉 In the documentation, step 6 is to specify "Other Linker Flags". That caused my linker error. By skipping this step (removing
$(inherited) -framework shared
, now the project builds and the KMP code works. Maybe the documentation is outdated for XCode 15, although step 7 (about "User Script Sandboxing") is a 15 specific thing AFAIK 🤷🏼‍♂️