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11/10/2023, 6:05 PM
Hello, I want to generate a fun interface for the annotated value class, and when I did it and tested it as follows:
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value class Wrap(val int:Int)
fun main(){
  val wrap=Wrap.GenerateFunInterface{ /*code*/ }
the compiler reported an error " `Interface 'fun interface ***' does not have constructors.`" It seems the use of the generated fun interface is not transformed by SAM conversion, so is there some config or extension I can use to resolve this code error? Any help would be appreciated.
I think I seem to have found the reason. Currently, the new k2 API does not support the execution order of plugins. The extension I defined is by default after the
FirSam ConversionTransformerExtension
, so it has not been processed.


11/14/2023, 8:17 AM
Could you please report an issue about it? Ideally with link to your (maybe minimized) plugin and description of what you are doing in this plugin It will be very helpful
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