# decouple


11/11/2023, 5:17 PM
Great news, the Compose Compiler bug that was blocking us has been fixed! This was the last technical hurdle, all that's left is to actually make the library interesting to use. Meanwhile, our lazy layout implementation has gotten much better documentation, as well as the ability of loading elements one-by-one, as well as recomposing when the initial list changes. Thanks to @Ryunos and @Jacob Ferrero for their help. The next step is figuring out how to unload elements dynamically. The next technical challenge is to figure out how to get transitive resources in the JS ecosystem. #kobweb does this by asking users to place resources in the
directory, and crawling through dependencies to find them. We'd like to find a way to provide this to all Kotlin/JS projects, but there's nothing concrete for now. At this point, we're starting to have quite a few ongoing projects! This month was mostly spent on extracting all the Gradle configuration we use to our convention repository, to ensure all projects use the same versions, etc, and are easier to upgrade. Once that's done, we will start reorganizing the Decouple repository on top of it. Unrelated to JavaScript, our test framework, Prepared, is starting to take shape nicely! It features coroutine-aware test fixtures, virtual time control, randomness control, filesystem access, compatibility with kotlin-test and Kotest, and helpers to test Gradle plugins. We're also working with the maintainer of #parameterize to try to get both libraries to work well together 🙂 Meanwhile, we're experimenting with the #kobweb team to try to decrease build times for Kotlin/JS… if it does turn out as we hope, the announcement will be very interesting 🕵️ For personal reasons, the coming month will likely be slow, so expect little for the next update :)
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