# touchlab-tools

Jon Bailey

11/12/2023, 5:56 PM
Hello, is it possible to disable SKIE generating typealiases for class? Currently I have everything disabled in gradle, and have only opted in to one Flow and one suspend function using the annotations. The suspend function returns an
Skie.ArrowCore.Either.__Kotlin<Skie.BusinessLogic.UIErrorData.__Kotlin, Skie.app_kotlin_multiplatform_feature_user__loggedin.UserDateResponseUIModel.__Kotlin>
looking at the definition it seems SKIE is creating a typealias for each class in the framework, not even just ones that SKIE touches. Also more importantly this is far less readable that what it was before
Arrow_coreEither<UIErrorData, UserDateResponseUIModel>

Filip Dolník

11/12/2023, 6:06 PM
Hi! The typealiases are not user configurable at the moment because they are basically a workaround for certain limitations of the interop. We are aware that their presence is far from ideal, which is why we redesigned them in 0.5.0 (before that the readability was even worse). And more importantly we are working on a better solution that should allow us to use the typealiases only in places where they are actually needed. This required to make a lot of internal changes but we are close to having a working prototype and we expect to have this “feature” in the next major release.

Jon Bailey

11/12/2023, 6:07 PM
awesome thanks 😊