# touchlab-tools

Luka Mišković

11/13/2023, 10:47 AM
hey guys, I have a question regarding KMMBridge. I'm trying to set it up for my shared module for which I already have some amount of code written. I've followed the getting started and it was success, I got artifacts in gh packages and added them in my android app as dependencies and it was all good. After that I went to remove all the sample code from the repo and add the code of my projects shared module with its 3 source sets (androidMain, commonMain and iosMain), recreated gradle files setup, but it does not seems to be working. Everyhing looks like success when building on gh actions but when I add the package as dependency in android app it can't find any of the classes that should be there. GH credentials are set properly in gradle home and package is downloaded. Really not sure where it went wrong, I'll attach related gradle files in thread bellow this message if someone is willing to look at it.
group is set up properly in file
just an update, I've resolved this, and it was entirely my mistake.
publishAndroidReleasePublicationToGitHubPackagesRepository was removed from All-publish.yaml workflow file