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11/14/2023, 7:37 PM
For anyone who would like to catch up on all things http4k-shaped, we're delighted to share the newest episode of


, where we chat to Seb and Hadi about everything from OpenSource to multiplatform, to the most profitable way to count to a large number. Enjoy!
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Andrew O'Hara

11/15/2023, 5:21 AM
Hadi seems very eager to collect on the multiplatform investment! I wonder how ktor does its multiplatform support; there must already be existing IO libraries. There is of course kotlinx.datetime for time, but I feel like having jvm and multiplatform clones of all the format libraries would be annoying. I really don't see dropping support for java time as a valid option. I feel like an interesting use-case for multiplatform Http4k is less about servers, and more about clients. Imagine only having to maintain a single SDK for your API.
I think the contract module is a mess because the OpenApi models aren't DTOs; they have builder logic, volatile properties, and lots of Jackson-specific assumptions built in. There is the reflectionless renderer, but it's not as feature complete. It definitely needs a revamp. I keep meaning to look into it (and some sort of batteries-included framework), but you know... Baldur's Gate 3 happened, and Factorio's new expansion announcement has everyone excited to play the 400 hour long mod it's inspired by 😇.
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