# android

Muhammad Usman

11/15/2023, 5:41 AM
Hello everyone, I require prompt assistance with my code. Kindly review the following and offer your expert suggestions on achieving the desired behavior. I'm looking for implementation guidance within the onKeyDown and onKeyUp functions, which are triggered by the Android keyboard. I aim for cleaner function invocations when intercepting the keydown/up events. Thank you.
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abstract class KeyboardInterceptor {
    fun onKeyDown(keyCode: Int, event: KeyEvent): Boolean {
        //implement here
        return true

    fun onKeyUp(keyCode: Int, event: KeyEvent): Boolean {
        // Handle logic here and invoke the corresponding abstract functions:
        // - onSinglePress: when a single key is pressed and released
        // - onDoublePress: when a single key is pressed and released two times within 300 milliseconds
        // - onCombinedPress: when two keys are pressed simultaneously (e.g., hold '-' then press '+')
        return true

    abstract fun onSinglePress(keyCode: Int)   
    abstract fun onDoublePress(keyCode: Int)   
    abstract fun onCombinedPress(keyCode1: Int, keyCode2: Int)
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