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Éamonn Ó Bróithe

11/17/2023, 11:08 AM
👋 Hi folks, I’m quite tired today from staying up too late playing and experimenting with Kotlin/Native, I haven’t found something that cool in quite some time! I have one thought which has lead to a question: imagine a simple multiplayform proejct, where it’s configurd to only compile to a mac arm binary:
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plugins {
    kotlin("multiplatform") version "1.9.20-RC2"

roup = "dev.bogpony"
version = "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT"

repositories {

kotlin {

    val nativeTarget = if(System.getProperty("") == "Mac OS X" && System.getProperty("os.arch") == "aarch64") {
    } else {
        throw GradleException("Host OS is not supported in Kotlin/Native.")

    nativeTarget.apply {
        compilations.getByName("main") {
            val cglm by cinterops.creating {

    nativeTarget.apply {
        binaries {
            executable {
                entryPoint = "main"
    sourceSets {
        val nativeMain by getting
        val nativeTest by getting
when this is built, it includes all the platform libs for mac arm 64. But many of these, I don't care about and will never use. for example, having access to both OpenGL and OpenGL3 (annoying as every function ref in unambigious) Is there a way to filter this list down to ONLY libs that are called and used?
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