# github-workflows-kt


11/17/2023, 9:58 PM
Local Generated bindings make IntelliJ go unhappy during compilation. Extra feedback: • The process to create the bindings was too big ◦ Changes to git ignore ◦ Creating a new file just to generate the bindings ◦ Actually importing the bindings in the files • I feel that we are adding steps over steps on running the library, and this is counter-productive with the main goal: Reduce YAML complexity • Finding enums inside classes without autocompletion is particularly annoying • Adding my used actions to the enum was painful, I didn't know the coordinates and searching for them again was boring too • A lot of precision is needed to run
-- You can't run it by itself as it won't find the files, you need to run from a specific path • Doing it this way turns impossible to maintain the workflow file without understanding how the the local files are generated -- high learning curve

Piotr Krzemiński

11/18/2023, 5:48 AM
Thanks @LeoColman! 🙇 You are the first person trying it out! Thanks for being the early adopter. I agree that the new way of using actions adds some complexity and extra problems. While e. g. support in IntelliJ for the imported scripts is something we need to wait for from the JetBrains side, we could think how to make this overall UX better. Do you have some suggestions? I thought about an IDE plugin that would e. g. make it easy to search for action coords, add templates for new Kotlin-based workflows, and generally assist with the creation and editing of the workflows.
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Regarding calling
, being unable to call it from any place (like it's possible with the workflow scripts) is a missing feature that I'm planning to add within
I track problems with imports on IntelliJ side in, I encourage you to +1 the issues in YouTrack
Whatever we figure out in this thread, I'll make sure each problem has a tracking ticket