# compose

Zoltan Demant

11/28/2023, 3:24 PM
I havent been able to get dialogs in compose to dim the content underneath them for quite some time now. Ive even tried running the project on a different machine - because.. desperation. Theres an issue for it already with an extremely minimalistic repro attached in the most recent comment. Would love any and all ideas for a solution, at this point Im close to believing that its a curse that fell upon some of us 😃
It appears that
works, but any other value results in a completely transparent dim. Why could that be?

Albert Chang

11/29/2023, 2:58 AM
I just downloaded the project you attached, ran it on my Pixel 6 Pro and background dimming worked properly. Here's the APK I built.

Zoltan Demant

11/29/2023, 8:46 AM
Thank you @Albert Chang, I think the issue is resolved! Your apk worked for me too, whereas my own .aab releases (or just running on phone/emulator) did not; nor did it work for Google reviewers when uploading to the play store. I just spent the morning setting up a completely new environment, and its now working as expected. Absolutely no clue what could have triggered this, Im still working in the same codebases, etc. Anyhow, thank you 🙏🏽 I did have a random period where it worked earlier this year - lets hope thats not the case again and that it works consistently!
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