# android

Mustafa Bayram

11/28/2023, 6:38 PM
Hello Everyone! I need your support who already experienced with android media3 library or curios to learn about it. I’m working on adding a podcast feature to my Android application. I read android media3 documents and I've coded it based on this example ( At first it looked quite smooth implementation but it I realized it didn't seem to be functioning as expected. There appear to be some errors in the implementation. • Non-Singleton MediaSession and Player: Do you have any suggestions regarding this? The current implementation needs to be adjusted to comply with these suggestions. • Player Not Being Released: How should I address the issue of the player not being released? This is causing the process to persist even when the application is closed. • Managing UI Operations in Handler Class: I want to handle UI operations in a handler class. What's the best approach to achieve this? Would an approach similar to the one in the current implementation be suitable? • Background Podcast Playback and Proper Termination When the App is Closed: How can I make the podcast play in the background while the application is in the background, and ensure that the podcast stops and the player is properly closed when the application is removed from the background, without memory leaks? Do you have any solutions or suggestions? Also complete solution in forked project would be great 🤩 Thanks in advance for your assistance! 🙌
not kotlin but kotlin colored 3