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Maria Krishtal

11/29/2023, 10:35 AM
🌲 Participate in Advent of Code 2023 using Kotlin and win prizes! Starting December 1, the JetBrains community will be diving into 25 days of coding challenges at, and we warmly invite you to participate using Kotlin K We’ll be holding livestreams every day at 5:00 pm UTC to discuss the puzzle of the day, giving you 12 hours to solve the puzzle before we go through it together. It’s a great way to tackle the challenges together and learn some cool Kotlin tricks!
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Stanley Aniobi

12/01/2023, 3:26 PM
Please, what sponsor join code should I use while signing up. I am not an employee or something, but it seems tempting to be referred by someone; that I'll love to be among the cool kids - those with sponsor join code.

Ksenia Shneyveys

12/14/2023, 11:47 AM
Hi, @Stanley Aniobi, the sponsor codes are only for the sponsor employees, sorry! Join our private leaderboard to engage with the cool Kotlin AoC community kodee happy