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Stefan Oltmann

11/29/2023, 6:01 PM
🎉 Ashampoo Kim v0.7.1 just jot released! 🎉 Kim, the *K*otlin *I*mage *M*etadata manipulation library, now features an easy to use API for updates/insertions of embedded thumbnails. You can use it like this:
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val bytes: ByteArray = loadBytes()
val thumbnailBytes: ByteArray = loadThumbnailBytes()

val newBytes = Kim.updateThumbnail(
    bytes = bytes,
    thumbnailBytes = thumbnailBytes
This library serves as a substitute for Apache Commons Imaging, specifically focusing on the metadata component. Originally derived from a Java library, it has been migrated to Kotlin Multiplatform and undergone numerous improvements, surpassing the capabilities of the original version. If you are a user of Apache Commons Imaging, please give it a try and provide your feedback. 🙂
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