# portugal

Tiago Nunes

11/30/2023, 4:58 PM
[HIRING] Bryj is hiring Android Developers for our fresh new office in Lisbon 🇵🇹 Why you should consider joining: • We welcome the use of fresh tech: e.g. Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, Coroutines, Ktor (all of our apps are 100% Kotlin K) ◦ You don't need to know all of it before joining us 😄 We can all learn together • Work together with people from US🇺🇸, CA🇨🇦, FR🇫🇷 • Our customers vary from small companies to big international corporations, you'll get to see your impact in the world! • Mostly on-site position, the office is in Heden Santa Apolónia, by the river Tejo. It's seriously the best, especially in summer ☀️ • Everyone's feedback is taken seriously and our refined processes are designed to be helpful. • This message is from a passionate Android Dev, not an HR representative, so no bs, this is my personal honest view of the position 🙂