# doodle

Alessandro Marcolini

12/05/2023, 2:10 AM
How is desktop support currently? I'm thinking I might try making a desktop app using Kotlin in a couple months. I'm using Doodle right now, so it would be the easiest option (vs switching over to Compose)


12/05/2023, 4:47 AM
desktop apps that behave like web apps (i.e. single window) work today. in fact, most of the tutorial apps support desktop and run identically to web. take a look at the *Runner projects, which contains web and desktop targets for the tutorial apps. the docs explain that those apps are created as common libs instead of simple MPP apps to avoid clashing main functions when they are embedded in the docs site. but this isn’t actually needed for normal apps. but desktop support is still early and things like integrating with the OS, configuring things like app title and packaging etc are not supported yet. thats because the focus has been web so far.
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