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12/07/2023, 4:29 AM
Getting these 2 errors when using the KMP code from xcode. Not sure if they're related. Can anyone help me understand what's wrong? 1.
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2023-12-03 19:35:53.013087+0530 App[21470:10960419] [error] CoreData: One or more models in this application are using transformable properties with transformer names that are either unset, or set to NSKeyedUnarchiveFromDataTransformerName. Please switch to using "NSSecureUnarchiveFromData" or a subclass of NSSecureUnarchiveFromDataTransformer instead. At some point, Core Data will default to using "NSSecureUnarchiveFromData" w"JCAnalytics: myFunction(profileId:uId:) SomeSwiftFile.swift"
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 0  libsystem_kernel.dylib         0xa01c __pthread_kill + 8
 1  libsystem_pthread.dylib        0x5680 pthread_kill + 268
 2  libsystem_c.dylib              0x75b90 abort + 180
 3  SDK               0x4b0f94 konan::abort() + 10
 4  SDK               0x4b74f8 (anonymous namespace)::terminateWithUnhandledException(ObjHeader*)::$_1::operator()() const + 34
 5  SDK               0x4b7428 void (anonymous namespace)::$_0::operator()<(anonymous namespace)::terminateWithUnhandledException(ObjHeader*)::$_1>((anonymous namespace)::terminateWithUnhandledException(ObjHeader*)::$_1) + 60
 6  SDK               0x4b728c (anonymous namespace)::terminateWithUnhandledException(ObjHeader*) + 10
 7  SDK               0x4b82f0 kotlin::TerminateWithUnhandledException(ObjHeader*) + 108
 8  SDK               0x4b9bdc Kotlin_ObjCExport_trapOnUndeclaredException + 42
 9  SDK               0x35f950;kotlin.Function0<kotlin.Unit>){} + 416
 10 App                      0x17d6184 SDKProvider.init(dataClass + 14 (SomeSwiftFile.swift:14)
For 2, we've added
which reduced the number of crashes, but still happening. No idea what's 1. Using the settings Multiplatform by @russhwolf, and sqldelight, if that helps. Data classes are mutable (has
field). Not yet on Kotlin 1.9

Jan Holešovský

12/07/2023, 6:55 AM
Wrt. 2, there's apparently an exception thrown in SDKProvider.init(), if it is your code, have you debugged what throws in there? If possible at all, fixing the root cause would be better than adding unhandledExceptionHook...
Wrt. 1, hard to help without the actual source code I guess; but either way, looks like a swift & iOS error, so not sure this channel is the right place to ask about this.


12/07/2023, 7:13 AM
@Jan Holešovský, wrt 2, yes, it's our code. The thing is it's not reproducible, so not able to debug. The code inside init is just starting koin and saving some variables in run time memory. Nothing else.
1. Also points out to the KMP SDK