# hiring


12/11/2023, 11:29 PM
Hey, I'm looking for some help on something very specific, I don't know if this request fits the channel, I'm gonna give it a try The goal is to convert the ImageJ Launcher (currently C) to Kotlin Native, Curtis is currently trying this, but he's having problems and unfortunately I cant help since this is not my field 🔍 You can find more about it here and here. This is the repo he's using 🛠️ Kotlin Multiplatform, C 🌍 location: remote 💶 salary: open to proposal/discuss

Adam S

12/12/2023, 11:37 AM
hey 👋 I think I've come across similar 'undefined reference' errors before. In. my case it was because Kotlin Native uses an older specific gcc version that isn't widely available, and so if the C library is compiled using the system's gcc then often there are going to be undefined reference. Kotlin has a 'run_konan' util that can be used to compile the C library using the exact process that Kotlin/Native uses. Send a PM or ask in #kotlin-native :)