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12/13/2023, 4:05 PM
Is there some kind of ordering issues to know about between the Android Gradle Plugin and the Kotlin plugin itself? My
looks like this:
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plugins {
    id("") version "8.1.4"
    kotlin("multiplatform") version "1.9.20"
    id("org.jetbrains.compose") version "1.5.10"

kotlin {
    androidTarget {
		compilations.all {
			kotlinOptions {
				jvmTarget = "1.8"
and any Gradle invocation crashes with
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The Android Gradle plugin was applied without creating a corresponding 'android()' Kotlin Target:
plugins { id("") kotlin("multiplatform") } kotlin { androidTarget() // <-- please register this Android target } `````` and, well, you tell me, but I'm pretty sure I did what it wants.
Ah, it was because the Android plugin was not
apply false
'd in the root build.gradle.kts 😐