# decompose

Sebastian Schreiber

12/14/2023, 2:17 PM
Hello! I have a question regarding back swipe gestures. The sample app lets me swipe back. But my implementation does not (neither android nor ios). The Back button works as intended. I am wondering if I am missing something?

Sebastian Schreiber

12/15/2023, 11:14 AM
Thanks for the reply. Actually I was not looking for predictive back swipe, just the regular one. I am using MVIKotlin with decompose for Navigation. In the sample app from MVIKotlin the back swipe gesture functions nicely on iOS. But I see you implemented some native swift code. I try to only use compse-multiplatform for UI. Contrary to my comment yesterday, Android back swipe works out of the box btw. So I probably have to work out some swift code to make it also work for iOS. But that would be off topic because I guess it has nothing to do with your library. Anyways, looking forward to implementing predictive back swipes one day and thank you for your hard work in producing these fantastic frameworks ❤️

Arkadii Ivanov

12/15/2023, 11:20 AM
Sorry, it's not clear what you actually need. Here are some questions. 1. Do you need to allow closing your screens with swipe gestures on Android and iOS? 2. Are you using Multiplatform Compose on Android and iOS, or Compose on Android and SwiftUI on iOS?