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🔨 For Gradle plugin developers: @mbonnin announced Gratatouille, a framework for building Gradle plugins via pure Kotlin functions. Then, the Gratatouille KSP processor generates tasks, workers, and wiring code for you. "Gratatouille enforces a clear separation between your plugin logic (implementation) and your plugin wiring (gradle-plugin) making your plugin immune to classloader issues". Martin is looking for feedback from early adopters and Gradle developers, and it will be much appreciated! Example of a task definition:
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    description = "cooks the most delicious ratatouille with the help of the tiniest chef",
    group = "recipes"
internal fun cook(
    recipe: GInputFile,
    ingredients: Ingredients,
    outputFile: GOutputFile
) { 
More info: • GitHub Repo and documentation: https://github.com/GradleUp/gratatouille • Discuss on Gradle forums: https://discuss.gradle.org/t/rfc-gratatouille-cook-yourself-delicious-gradle-plugins-generating-tasks-from-kotlin-functions-using-ksp/47718 TL;DR: G 🤝🏻🐭👉🧑‍🍳 // 🙂
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