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Edoardo Luppi

02/25/2024, 12:22 PM
Hey! Just wanted to ask what's the plan for the next Dokka release. I see a lot of changes going in, so wondering if we'll see a pre-release published soon to test it

Ignat Beresnev

03/04/2024, 5:23 PM
Hi! 1.9.20 has just been released, I'll post about it in a minute 🙂 You are right that many things are happening in Dokka, but the majority of changes are not user visible (at least not for now or they shouldn't be). 1.9.20 should be safe to update to, no breaking changes are expected There are three large issues we are working on at the moment that come with significant risks (K2 analysis, the new Gradle Plugin and fixing HTML format inconsistencies), and for these we'll for sure publish some dev/Beta/RC builds and ask for feedback, but closer to Kotlin 2.0, once they are good enough to be shown 🙂
Recently it also became possible to use Dokka's
builds to test the latest
branch changes. Thanks to your message, we realized that it is not mentioned in Dokka's documentation, and we'll add it somewhere so that people who want bleeding edge Dokka know how to get it 🙂 Long story short, add this repository
and use the latest
version you can find there, for instance 2.0.0-dev-319. It's built from the
branch every Monday morning
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Edoardo Luppi

03/07/2024, 9:04 AM
Thank you!