# datascience

Jason Zhao

02/27/2024, 12:37 AM
How to stop IDE autocomplete from including a weird class name like this? seems like a bug

Ilya Muradyan

02/27/2024, 1:44 AM
Not really a bug. Rather an undesired effect of how snippets are implemented. Each snippet is a class with the name Line_* jupyter. Each class inside the snippet becomes the inner class of containing snippet. You executed several cells with the class having the same name. So actually several classes were defined. You can refer to any of these classes. If you pick from the completion the one in the last snippet (on your screenshot it's the one from Line 9), then nothing will be added to the class name, because last class has the highest resolution priority. But if you pick the one from line 8 or 7 then the completion variant will be inserted with the fully qualified name. We are going to reconsider this approach in the future (in K2), most likely by the end of the year