# compose-desktop

Joel Denke

02/27/2024, 3:04 PM
Is it possible to use Fastlane to distribute CMP/KMP desktop apps somehow? In my case would like to have Mac OS app only to start with. I use Firebase App Distribution for iOS and Android today doing this.

Dima Avdeev

02/28/2024, 8:20 AM
To build Compose Desktop app you should run Gradle commands:
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./gradlew packageDmg -Pcompose.desktop.mac.sign=true
Please take a look here: Fastlane can runs CLI commands, so I think it is possible

Joel Denke

02/28/2024, 8:27 AM
Thanks! Yeah this is in general the things Fastlane has built in for distribute iOS app to App Store or Firebase App Distirbution. Thats my main issue, where to store the DMG files, I have no storage or maintained system for that. Ideally in Firebase App Distribution, but havent found support for Mac OS Apps in it yet. Maybe some kind of TestFlight variant is possible, not sure. But there is no Gradle plugins doing all of this for me, I have to do these steps in README manually? As I presume these steps change over time, I dont have resources to spend days to set this up myself at the moment, hence I wonder if any complete tools doing this.
Hmm I do got an idea, found fastlane has, that could potentially work 😄
@Dima Avdeev Also forgive my knowledge not the best here, but whats the difference of Mac OS app vs Desktop Mac OS, if any? From what I understand Mac OS can run apps both being IPA and DMG right? From what I can see Fastlane has support building Mac OS Apps, but not sure I can use that for Compose multiplatform or not, if being same as iOS apps. This was tricky, the lines is blurry.