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02/28/2024, 10:20 AM
Maybe do you experience general slowdown with Idea, too? For example when I open a Kotlin file in the project tree, it takes 3-4 seconds to open (even for a very small file). Currently I'm using 2023.3.4 UE on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS (but I had the same problem with 2023.3.3 as well). And my PC is not bad: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X + 64 GB RAM + etc. IDE heap size is set to 8 GB, build and Gradle heap sizes to 4 GB - so it is probably not a memory/GC problem. Any ideas? Thanks.
I disabled all plugins I don't use, and it is much better! I hope that really one of the plugins caused the problem...

Edoardo Luppi

02/28/2024, 3:53 PM
Let me know if you find out which plugin was causing it
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