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02/29/2024, 2:03 PM
I finally got around to test the alpha versions, with an eye on the debug/android artifact publications. I can gladly report that this is now working well, also for Decompose and Essenty. For clarity, the dependency analysis plugin suggested using debug and android artifacts, that had no value. A link to the plugin: I have a question about the MVIKotlin-Decompose interaction in the thread:
I copied the asValue extension function from one of these channels a while ago. Some of the Value functions were removed due to memory leaks, so I had to change the implementation. It seems to work. Is this a correct implementation though? Is there a better one?
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package com.babestudios.companyinfouk.shared.ext

import com.arkivanov.decompose.Cancellation
import com.arkivanov.decompose.value.Value
import com.arkivanov.mvikotlin.core.rx.Disposable

typealias ValueObserver<T> = (T) -> Unit

fun <T : Any> Store<*, T, *>.asValue(): Value<T> =
	object : Value<T>() {

		private var disposables = emptyMap<ValueObserver<T>, Disposable>()

		override val value: T get() = state

		override fun subscribe(observer: ValueObserver<T>): Cancellation {
			val disposable = states(observer(onNext = observer))
			this.disposables += observer to disposable
			return Cancellation { disposable.dispose() }

Also, here is a link to my project, just in case someone wants to check it out:

Arkadii Ivanov

02/29/2024, 2:27 PM
Thanks for letting me know! Re: asvalue I think you don't need the
map. See the impl here.


02/29/2024, 3:18 PM
Indeed, thanks
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