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02/29/2024, 11:47 PM
I saw that there is a open ticket in youtrack (just can't remember where I did see it) about supporting in
the Compose Wasm if I understand correctly. I want to know if you folks are thinking about Compose KMP previews, samples, live coding in web browser, etc using Wasm or jscanvas and if this would be a API/Embeddable HTML component that the community can use. I would love to have on the Voyager docs the code examples and way to test it in the web by changing the code and rerunning the preview. cc @bashor
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03/01/2024, 12:49 AM
Right, there is a ticket about it, feel free to vote and follow 😉 The first use case we are going to cover in the near future is the ability to share interactive and editable examples in the Compose community with This version is also will be suitable for embedding on sites and docs with kotlin-playground component but without the ability to use custom libraries due to technical limitations. Eventually, we hope to overcome technical limitations and make it possible to use custom libraries, allowing library authors to make examples on their docs and sites interactive and editable. Don’t hesitate to vote and follow the issue KT-66250. What you and other library authors can do before we provide support for custom libraries: 1. Now — compile examples and publish/embed static files so you get interactive examples on the site/docs instead of images, gifs or videos. 2. (Soonish) After we finish Compose support on the playground — run your instance of compiler server with your dependencies and use it, like these folks did In both cases, we are here to help.
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