# getting-started

Jeremiah Adeleye

03/04/2024, 7:55 AM
Good day everyone, I am just starting to learn kmm after I concluded my kotlin tutorial… I have been having serious challeneges adding and maneuvering my way around dependencies in kmm especially in shared module, as I face different errors each time I try to add any dependency. I want to ask if going to learn android fully and having a work on one or two projects on android will be better then I can come back to do kmm because I really feel irritated with these dependencies issues. please what is your advice for me. kindly assist me to make an informed decision. Thank you


03/04/2024, 9:20 AM
It depends. What kind of issues have you faced?

Richie Rodríguez

03/04/2024, 10:02 AM
In my opinion, learning a new language is already quite complicated. In this case, it's not just a new language, it's all the technologies and the development "philosophy" around Android. In my humble opinion, I think it would be easier to get familiar with Kotlin with one or two Android projects and then go for KMM.

Jeremiah Adeleye

03/04/2024, 11:07 AM
Oh great thanks for your reply