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Dave Leeds

03/06/2024, 3:10 AM
Let's learn about variance - no generics required! 🎉 This video premieres at 9 AM CDT on March 6th, and I'm super excited to try something new - I'll be there live, hanging out in the chat to talk or answer any questions you might have. Set your reminder now. Hope to see you there! 🚀

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03/07/2024, 12:03 AM
just wanted to say I think your videos are fantastic @Dave Leeds! I’ve been writing software for a long time and working with Kotlin since 2015, so with the exception of learning about new language features, there aren’t many Kotlin videos that I watch, but your explanations are excellent. I’ve found myself always watching each new video you release, sharing them with more junior engineers and using them as a nice refresher for myself great work mate 👏

Dave Leeds

03/07/2024, 1:05 AM
Oh wow, thank you so much, @james! That means a lot to me, especially coming from someone with your level of experience. And thanks for sharing it with your more junior colleagues! I'll keep at it - I'm trying to be a little more consistent now, with new releases every 2 weeks. Cheers!


03/07/2024, 3:10 AM
@Dave Leeds please do more videos, it's refreshing. I like that you talk about subtle important things. Very beginner friendly

Stefan Oltmann

03/07/2024, 3:10 AM
It's great material. I will require my trainee to watch it. 🙂

Dave Leeds

03/07/2024, 10:54 PM
Thank you so much @ayodele and @Stefan Oltmann! I'm glad you all (and hopefully the trainee!) have been enjoying them! 🙂
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