# multiplatform


03/06/2024, 9:04 PM
Hello folks I've been adapting the new
feature for the latest release and I have a question regarding the `string resources`: Is there a way to make the values directory NOT depend on the OS locale? A use case could be something like this: the default strings are in English but the user speaks only German and French. Their device is on the French locale, but the app does not support French, while supporting German. But since, the locale is French, the app will then default to English and there is no way for the user to select German (or any other language they might speak)
I managed to the app locale on IOS using
UserDefaults.standard.set(["en-US"], forKey: "AppleLanguages")
However, the issue is, the when I try to open ios settings, the app crashes. Is there a better way of doing this? Perhaps the apple experts here can help?
Upd: turns out the issue with settings is cause by a bug in ios 17 simulator for macos venture. I upgraded to Sonoma and all got resolved