# touchlab-tools


03/08/2024, 5:44 PM
1) thanks to everyone at the Touchlab team for all the awesome KMP tooling and support !!! 2) Has anyone seen this issue trying to use/install xcode-kotlin plugin? It crashes no matter what command I pass to xcode-kotlin except uninstall. I’ve also tried reinstalling from brew. Same issue with xcode 15.0 and 15.3
[11:36:17][~] $ xcode-kotlin install
WARN: Task <NSConcreteTask: 0x600000ca82d0> had non-empty error output:
2024-03-08 11:36:27.191 defaults[19756:17696988]
The domain/default pair of (/Applications/, DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID) does not exist
xcode-kotlin has crashed, do you want to upload the crash report to Touchlab? y/n: n
Uncaught Kotlin exception: kotlin.IllegalStateException: co.touchlab.xcode.cli.XcodeHelper$installationAt$pluginCompatabilityIdResult$1@870121b0. Task /usr/bin/defaults read /Applications/ DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID (input: 0 bytes) exited with code 1 (reason 1).
Standard input:
Standard output:
Standard error:
2024-03-08 11:38:44.000 defaults[19907:17699023]
The domain/default pair of (/Applications/, DVTPlugInCompatibilityUUID) does not exist
at 0   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026c823b        kfun:co.touchlab.xcode.cli.util.Shell.ExecutionResult#checkSuccessful(kotlin.Function0<kotlin.String>){}co.touchlab.xcode.cli.util.Shell.ExecutionResult + 1067
at 1   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026b2093        kfun:co.touchlab.xcode.cli.XcodeHelper#installationAt(co.touchlab.xcode.cli.util.Path){}co.touchlab.xcode.cli.XcodeHelper.XcodeInstallation + 1279
at 2   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026b6f13        kfun:co.touchlab.xcode.cli.command.BaseXcodeListSubcommand#xcodeInstallations(){}kotlin.collections.List<co.touchlab.xcode.cli.XcodeHelper.XcodeInstallation> + 2563
at 3   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026b8917        kfun:co.touchlab.xcode.cli.command.Install#execute(){} + 187
at 4   xcode-kotlin                        0x102669393        kfun:kotlinx.cli.ArgParser#parse(kotlin.collections.List<kotlin.String>){}kotlinx.cli.ArgParserResult + 9311
at 5   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026badb7        kfun:co.touchlab.xcode.cli#main(kotlin.Array<kotlin.String>){} + 3007
at 6   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026fa493        Init_and_run_start + 447
at 7   xcode-kotlin                        0x1026fa5bf        Konan_main + 15
at 8   dyld                                0x189b350df        start + 2359
Abort trap: 6

Ádám Jakab

03/18/2024, 8:59 AM
having the same issue, the doc says we have to enable some plugin, that’s a workaround for the issue but I just can’t find how to enable the said plugin 😄

kar heng

03/19/2024, 6:41 AM
hi, i updated 15.3 xcode, and having same issue, is this sdk going to update soon?

Sam Hill

03/20/2024, 5:33 PM
Hi! We've merged a PR for this issue and are in the process of deploying
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03/22/2024, 9:46 AM
When should we expect the release?