# compose


03/09/2024, 11:10 AM
Hello, I working on compose multiplatform project. In this project, I have Google Maps with markers for MarkerInfoWindow. When I click on a particular marker, I want a window with an image. For loading the image, I'm using Coil. When I load the image on the first window shown, I don't see any image (even though the AsyncImage state is Success). When I click again, I'm getting the error: 'Software rendering doesn't support hardware bitmaps.' Coil's image loading works fine - when I put it somewhere else, it loads the image perfectly. The only issue is loading it on MarkerInfoWindow. The Coil version is 3.0.0-alpha06, so it supports multiplatform. I've read to use .allowHardware(false), but I don't see this option anywhere.