# compose-ios

Eury Perez

03/10/2024, 5:18 PM
Hello everyone, I'm facing a weird issue when trying to build a CMP app either from Android Studio or XCode. Here's the error:
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duplicate symbol '_EnterFrame' in:
    /Users/{user}/Development/me/Login Sample2/composeApp/build/cocoapods/framework/ComposeApp.framework/ComposeApp[2666](libstdlib-cache.a.o)
    /Users/{user}/Development/me/Login Sample2/composeApp/build/cocoapods/framework/composeApp.framework/composeApp[2666](libstdlib-cache.a.o)
duplicate symbol '_ktypew:kotlin.coroutines.CoroutineContext.Key' in:
    /Users/{user}/Development/me/Login Sample2/composeApp/build/cocoapods/framework/composeApp.framework/composeApp[2](ComposeApp.framework.o)
    /Users/{user}/Development/me/Login Sample2/composeApp/build/cocoapods/framework/ComposeApp.framework/ComposeApp[2](ComposeApp.framework.o)
ld: 15502 duplicate symbols
It shows many more duplicated symbols. The weird thing is that it started failing all of a sudden, I tried rolling back to a previous commit that I'm sure was working and still fails, I'm afraid is an XCode config issue, I hope someone can help me. Here's the code I'm using:
Update: I previously changed the search_paths to
and set it back to
, now I get this error: