# android-studio

Nick Kleban

03/11/2024, 4:03 PM
Is it possible to get access to my own Kotlin class in a live template groovyScript() method? I want to get access to the constructor params for my live template. I’m trying something like:
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groovyScript("Class.forName(_1).constructors", qualifiedClassName())
groovyScript("Class.forName(_1).constructors", kotlinClassName())
Ended up with groovy script that looks like
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def packageName = _1
def className = _2
def qualifiedClassName = "$packageName.$className"

def scope = GlobalSearchScope.allScope(_editor.project)
def psiClass = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(_editor.project)
    .findClass(qualifiedClassName, scope)

return psiClass.constructors
    .collect { param -> "${}: ${param.tryGetKotlinType()}," }