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David Herman

03/14/2024, 10:05 PM
I'm proud to share, created by @Ahmed Riyadh using Kobweb. Note that the site, while functional, is still waiting on the client for a bit of final data (in case you notice the placeholders). Still, a nice clean, professional look here, with quick, snappy interactive animations that I love. It really shows how a few flourishes can make your site feel alive. The developer in this case had a site originally written with Java + XML; maybe they'll share some of their thoughts after migrating to Kotlin/JS (but no pressure!)
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Ahmed Riyadh

03/15/2024, 12:32 AM
By Java/XML, I meant the mobile app
I only builded this site for privacy policy + the client liked it more than the main app itself because of the design and how fast it's even on free hosting, I did a lot of migration over the years
The GitHub repo (it's open source under MIT License): The project is quite simple, more like a toy project to me and easy to understand I still would like to think KobWeb again because they made all of this very easy
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