# ksp


03/18/2024, 7:44 AM
Hi there, i ran in to a multiplatform issue and posted on #multiplatform but hints point to ksp 🙂 Maybe someone her can shed some light? > Hi multi platform enthusiast, > today I ran into an issue with Android Studio, where gradle sync failed in
due to an error in one of my actual app source files. (just a typo in the imports). > I don’t think I have ever seen that on pure android projects so it was quite surprising to me to see that the actual app sources are relevant for the sync process. And it is a real pain to make the app sources compile again without your IDE working. > > Am I doing something wrong here? > Is this just a plain (known?) bug that needs to be fixed in the gradle plugin? > Or does it work as designed due to some multi platform requirements? > > I’d be thankful if anyone could shed some light on that issue.
Just as a follow up, removing ksp from the project does not remedy the issue. So the problem seems not to be in ksp.