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Akram Bensalem

03/20/2024, 3:03 PM
Hello 👋 I'm a PhD student, I have been eager to start contributing to open source code for a while now. I believe that GOSC would be a great way for me to start this path. I am particularly interested in contributing to one of the following projects: 1. Gradle build server - support for Android projects. 2. Kotlin DSL improvement for declarative Gradle. However, I do have a few questions that I would like to ask before I can properly write my proposals. 1- General question: - As I am based in France (Paris time zone UTC+1), will this cause any issues or conflicts with my application due to time differences? 2- Project question: Could you provide me more details on the specefic challenges assosiated with integrating Android project support into the Microsoft Gradle build project ? In other way. Is there any prior work have been done so far ?! For the second project (Kotlin DSL improvement), is there any specefic tasks or plugins that you are planning to work on it to have more features ? Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. I am excited to be a part of one of this project, as it will be a major step towards entering the world of open source. @Oleg Nenashev
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Oleg Nenashev

03/20/2024, 5:20 PM
Hi! Thanks for your interest. To answer the first question, being located in Paris is perfectly fine. I'm based in Switzerland but actually now I am in Paris too at Kubecon
For the second question, I think it would be better to join the Gradle community slack and ask the maintainers directly