# compose-desktop


03/22/2024, 5:21 PM
Hello, I've created small app for windows. This is my first journey with desktop apps in general. Can someone point me into how I can manage for example: • I package MSI file, how can I control what is user being asked there or how this installation process goes / looks maybe • How can I handle app updates? For example docker desktop (or any other probably) app will notify you there is new version and you just click restart and update or something.... • How can I make my app trusted? I found that those certificates are 1000e ?? Is this really like that?

Alexander Maryanovsky

03/23/2024, 10:13 AM
These things aren’t handled by Compose. Check out Conveyor for one option.


03/23/2024, 9:16 PM
thx, I understand it's not handled by compose. I was just wondering if there is some relevant pointers on how to do it. This seams like something that most of apps need so I guess that I expected that it's well known. Conveyor looks great and I see everyone is recommending it (actually, it's only thing everyone recommend). But it's not something I would pay that much and it still does not solves my "need" of knowing how to do it.