# gsoc

Aadith Jagan

03/24/2024, 7:49 AM
Hi everyone! I am Aadith and I am a freshman undergrad. I've heard about GSoC from a few friends and I've gone through its history and I have to say, it's an amazing initiative. I've browsed through the project ideas list and have investigated each of the projects, and I've set my eyes on the Incremental compilation for the Kotlin-to-WebAssembly compiler project idea*.* I know that it's a challenging project, but I'd love to be guided by the Kotlin team on this project. As for my experience with software development and Kotlin, I've just started my dive into the software world about 8 months ago, my experience with Kotlin is fairly basic, I've used it to build Android apps so far (Thanks to the Google team for their awesome course) And, I absolutely love open source, even though my skills right now are pretty lacking to contribute to any large codebase. But I do work on personal, smaller projects on my GitHub, so I have a pretty good grip of VCS and Git. To solidify my Kotlin foundation, I'm taking a course at JetBrains Academy's Hyperskill platform and actively learning compiler concepts. My experience with Java (my foundational language) and lower-level languages (C, Rust) further strengthens my understanding of Kotlin. I'm eager to contribute to this project and learn from the Kotlin team. I'm currently working on a proposal and would appreciate feedback and potential mentorship opportunities. Thanks!, Aadith
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