# multiplatform


03/25/2024, 6:53 AM
We have a kotlin multiplatform project that uses Bluetooth to connect to bluetooth low energy devices. We have implemented the bluetooth technology in our android and ios modues using Kable and some custom native code. Our app has the capability to use "all" java libraries on windows in It's jvmMain source set. Since kotlin can also use java libraries, you can imagine we have a java application ( jvm 17 ) that needs to access and use bluetooth on windows ( Essentially 10 and 11, optionally 7) We would like our app to work with most Bluetooth dongles, but even an API that can use some specific dongle brands would be appreciated! So far in my research I have found tinyB which is apparently only for linux, and Bluecove which does not support bluetooth low energy. We are open to all solutions !