# multiplatform

Eugene Maksymenko

03/25/2024, 11:11 PM • Added support of MBTiles map cache. • Added support of ATAK map cache. • Migrate GeoPackage offline maps to use ORMLite framework instead of pure SQLite queries. • Keep all objects in pick list and allow consumer code to filter top objects if required. • Added logic to determine minimal relevant level of details for the specified sector size. • Fixed Dummy/TaskForce/HQ visualization. • Add content manager size, last update date, layers and coverages count. • Store WMS and WMTS layers metadata in GeoPackage to be able to create layer from cache off-line. • Migrate to Kotlin 1.9.23 and update dependencies. • Added TIFF elevation data support in JS source. • Add possibility to specify resolution range when downloading image and elevation tiles into cache.
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03/26/2024, 1:23 AM
I will never not love these updates - putting a 3D world in the hands of Kotlin Devs is a beautiful thing! I'm just waiting for the right use case 😂