# android-studio


03/26/2024, 2:16 PM
Hi, I need help making emulator working on a new clean Windows 10 install. I'm stuck on a HAXM, AEHD, Hyper-V, AVD loop of death. I'm installing Android Studio on a decent and modern machine with core i5 4430, 4th generation. Intel Virtualization is enabled on Bios. As you know HAXM is deprecated since emulator v33, so I'm not installing it. Instead I installed AEHD as the docs says and Hyper-V is already disabled in all his names. The issue is that when trying to start the emulator, it displays this error: "intel haxm is required to run this avd haxm is not installed". And if I try to install a new AVD, when selecting system image, it says the same: "HAXM IS NOT INSTALLED" in red. So I'm stuck and can't use AVD... help please. I'm using the last version of Android Studio and sdk tools, emulator, etc...