# compose

Travis Griggs

03/29/2024, 1:01 AM
I have a Layout/Animation question. I have these two states of my screen view, mocked with silly graphics currently as attached. In the right screen a drawer like covering slides over and overlaps the original fullscreen view by a little. I'm curious what the best way to compose these two states is and have it smoothly animate from one state to the other. My current implementation is a Row with a negative spaced by value to get the overlap, and the second item placed in an animated visibility with slide/expand. The part sliding in looks ok, but the relayout of the first part first compresses and then snaps back, looks wrong. I've toyed with trying a ConstraintLayout, don't know if that would be any better. Or maybe I should always have the second item added, but engage clip, and mess with the width of the first somehow?