# compose-desktop


04/02/2024, 5:33 AM
Hello, I am aware that gradle task packageExe using JPackage to wrap jar into executable launcher then wraps it again into a installer. I also know that I could prevent it from building installer via generated packageExe.args.txt, so is there a way for me to edit packageExe.args.txt so I could instead inserting .exe.manifest file first before continuing? Assuming it would still have .exe.manifest after installation process.
After scouring for some stressful time, I finally got my answer. For short I just adding into the existing createDistributable gradle task and runs mt.exe there. But since it's not covered or considered relevant to compose desktop topic, I don't really want to share it. I think I deserve to be somewhat prideful to achieve this on my own and I already telling you guys a hint anyway, so hope it less stressful journey than mine.