Hello everybody, I'm trying to introduce Multipla...
# multiplatform
Hello everybody, I'm trying to introduce Multiplatform first as libraries to fasten development of some features. I managed to find in the documentation the way to publish Android libraries (to Maven repository), but I could not find the way to publish iOS libraries (Cocoapods). https://kotlinlang.org/docs/multiplatform-publish-lib.html#publish-an-android-library Running the command
./gradlew podPublishXCFramework
generates the pod here:
But I'm missing the packaging part to send it to my Cocoapod repository (Artifactory). From what I see, Artifactory does not support the
pod trunk push
action. An archive has to be send using a curl-like command. Big question behing, is there a way to generate directly the right archives, ready to be deployed? If someone manage to help me on this, how can I contribute to the official documentation? Thanks a lot for your help 🙏
There's a cocoapods art plugin that you could use: https://jfrog.com/help/r/jfrog-artifactory-documentation/use-the-cocoapods-art-plugin Otherwise you can just distribute the release xcframework by manually maintaining a Podfile. Options are storing it in a GitHub repo or S3 bucket.
Hello, thanks for this. I already have everything ready on Artifactory side, question being how to maintain generate a valid podfile
I would recommend reaching out to one of your iOS engineers for support. I just wrote the Podfile by hand. There's a cocoapods Gradle plugin for KMP, you can use the one it generates as a starting point. Don't use it directly, because the Podfile it generates is meant for local development, not xcframework distribution.
Will do then, thanks a lot!