Hello there, could somebody provide guidance on ho...
# multiplatform
Hello there, could somebody provide guidance on how to publish my KMP library to Maven Central? Currently, I'm using this plugin to publish it for four targets: JVM, Mingw, Linux, macOS. I've just set up my GH Actions workflow using matrix but I'm unsure whether I'm doing it the right way. The workflow creates four deployments (for each target), should I publish them one by one or will they clash with each other? The script itself: https://github.com/vyfor/KPresence/blob/master/.github/workflows/build.yml
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Can someone please help?
It seems that a macOS system can build for all 4 targets. Should I stick to this approach?
Publishing on macOS is the easiest option, it does support all targets. Alternatively you can split your steps but you need to not publish duplicate artifacts.
Got it, thanks!