Hi! I would really like to createa dokka plugin t...
# dokka
Hi! I would really like to createa dokka plugin that adds a static image to all functions that are annotated with
. I already adopted the plugin tutorial to suppress all Functions that are annotated with
. https://kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.8.0-SNAPSHOT/developer_guide/plugin-development/sample-plugin-tutorial/ However, I really don't know how to go on from here. I need the place where I can say "If the function has annotation
, then add image x.png to it's page." I already found out that the html generatation is done in the dokka base-plugin, so should I extend this one? But this seems a bit complicated. Or is there some extension point I should use for this? I think
could be correct, but I think at this point of time I don't have access to the annotation of the functions anymore, right? https://kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.8.0-SNAPSHOT/developer_guide/architecture/extension_points/core_extensions/ I'd appreciate your help :)