Hi, I'm trying to make a `LazyColumn` scroll horiz...
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Hi, I'm trying to make a
scroll horizontally. Doing something like this kind of work:
LazyColumn(Modifier.horizontalScroll(rememberScrollState())) {}
but I can scroll only on one direction at the time (if I start scrolling vertically, I can't also scroll horizontally, and the other way around. In other words, I can't scroll diagonally but only on one axis at the time. Is there a way to allow a diagonal scroll?
Is this https://github.com/oleksandrbalan/minabox what you are looking for perhaps?
unfortunately not: minabox does not support: 1. nested scrolling 2. overscroll animations 3. pull to refresh (related to the first point)
my current implementation is already using minabox but I need integration with the nested scroll behavior to collapse the TopAppBar and to suppor PullRefresh
and it would be nice to have also the overscroll animations
modifier applied to
has already all those features and it seems to be missing just the diagonal scrolling
No, I don't think there's a way.
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Would it be feasible to contribute those features to that library?